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Mommy and Son Connection

I don’t know what is it.. but the connection I have with my son is different. We were connected when he was in utero as any mom and baby is, but I still feel that same connection. When I’m happy, he’s content and at peace. When I’m upset, he’s in distress. I don’t know how or why, but it still feels like he can feel what I feel. I read an article explaining that babies can feel when you’re stressed, even after giving birth. This saddens me because he’s felt enough. I’m not ashamed to say he was in distress a lot of my pregnancy, but I worked hard to make the good times, the best times. So now he’s here and the pressure is on even more than it has been. Not even the stress of having 2 kids, I’m navigating that easily. Just the stress of being the only person caring for a newborn 24/7. So how do I navigate not being stressed so he doesn't feel it?

I wish I had all the answers. But I navigate as best as I can. Postpartum is hard, no matter what the situation is. I’m his everything right now, and that’s what keeps me going. If not me, then who?

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