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Love Always

One thing I’ve been taught my whole life is to show people love. You never know who needs it or what someone else is going through, so I continuously show love to those around me.

In this chapter of my life it’s most important that I love my children. With being a single mom it’s normal to want to provide the love of two parents. You never want them to feel like they’re going without anything. But in all reality you’re only one person, and as long as you do you part they’ll always know they’re loved.

If you don’t love them, then who will? It amazes me how people can be spiteful towards children that didn’t ask to be here because of their own insecurities. Children are the purist form of love, and I would never wish misfortune on anyone’s child. People will dislike your children just because they belong to you. Be cautious.

Don’t allow anyone to half love your kids. It’s more important to have consistent figures in their lives than relationships with people that are providing inconsistent, low quality experiences. Don‘t allow people around your kids that late not adding, protecting, or giving the same energy as you.

Teach your kids love. Teach them what it means and how to give it. But also teach them who/what’s worth loving.

Everyday isn’t promised, so love on your people.

Spread love.

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