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Keep Going

As a single mom we are forced to put on the this facade that we have everything together, and in a perfect world that would be the case. But let me be the first to tell that IT'S OKAY to not have everything together. It's okay to not know all the answers. It's okay to make things up as you go.

This has been the biggest lesson with my newborn. Though he has a dad, I'm doing everything by myself until he does (if he does) decide to do more. And it is T I R I N G.

  • I haven't slept more than 4 hours (if I'm lucky) at a time since he was born.

  • I've spent a number of hours a day breastfeeding.

  • I've changed 100+ diapers.

  • I've soothed every cry.

  • I can't do anything without him.

One thing that I constantly remind myself is that if my kids have no one, they have me and sometimes that's all they need. It's been tiring, but it's also been rewarding.

  • I'm sleep deprived but I've been able to have the strength to get up every time.

  • Breastfeeding is a job in itself but he's gained every single pound from me and the work I put in.

  • I haven't changed diapers in years, but I can now do it in the dark with my eyes closed.

  • I now know what he likes/dislikes and what every cry is for.

  • I've mastered doing everything with him, like going to the gym. He's the best gym partner that I've ever had.

I could sit here and talk about how hard it's been, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth it. I take care of him by myself everyday while persisting against the battle with postpartum depression.. there's nothing I can't do. My emotions seep out sometimes, but I pick myself up every time. It's okay to be emotional, don't ever let anyone take that from you.

Taking care of kids by yourself at any stage in their development can be difficult - I still struggle with my opinionated 5 year old sometimes. But, it's important to be proud of the fact that you're doing it! You get up everyday and take care of them, and for that you're their superhero. Keep going.

I've typed this entire thing while feeding him. My kids will always be able to say that from mommy was always there.

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