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The Reality of Being a Single Mom

Single mom: A mother that brings up a child or children alone or without a spouse.

A single mom typically carries all of the responsibility of the child - which can be a lot of weight that can be difficult to cope with. Whether it's been years, months, or days since you've started this journey, it can be challenging. It's important to cope with this reality before fostering the coparenting relationship, the most important relationship for the child. But sometimes whether you have that perfect coparenting relationship - whatever that looks like to you - it can still be a challenging reality to swallow. Being a single mom for 3 years and counting, I've learned that it all starts with you and your mindset. There may be ups and downs but it's important to remember these key things:

  1. Your child/children need you.

  2. You have a life beyond being a mom.

  3. There's always more in store for the future.

The ability to be a single mom shows strength and resilience. Your kid(s) will thank you for the days the you didn't want to keep moving forward, but did. You'll look back in the years to come and realize all of the battles that you faced were preparing you to be the best mom that you can be. The weight that you are carrying is all worth it knowing that your kid(s) see you as a superhero.

You are strong. You are resilient. You are mom.

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