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Including your kids in your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy can be exhausting in itself, but imagine caring for another child while doing it... tiring! Working full time, being a full time mom, and being pregnant feels like 3 full time jobs. As I approach week 29, I find myself exhausted by the time I get off of work but that's not where my day ends. Then there's dinner, homework time, play time (if we have time), bath time, bed time, and finally mommy time (which mostly consists of studying). I get off of work just to go back to work with my 5 year old. Luckily for me, she's very self sufficient and she has been my biggest supporter. The love and care that she gives is incomparable. She cares so much for me and her brother already, and I'm excited to see how she'll be when he gets here. It's important to include your kids in your pregnancy journey so they are ready to assume the role of big brother/sister. She's always excited to feel his kicks and hear his heartbeat with the doppler. She feels included and it helps her remember that he'll be here soon. It reminds her to take extra precaution around mommy during play time and to help out as much as possible. Include your kids in your journey, your lives are changing together.

I have to give a big shout out to my baby girl, she's been here every step of the way. I owe her everything.

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