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Cheers to 26 Years

Over the weekend I celebrated my 26th birthday, and over the past couple of weeks I've reflected on year 25.

This time last year, I was a complete mess. I spent my 25th birthday pregnant and depressed, trying to figure out how I was going to conquer being a single mom of 2.

Here I am celebrating 26 years of life, and I'm beyond grateful for all of the people in my life. But more importantly, I'm thankful for my kids. Year 25 pushed me to become the best mom that I can be. It taught me so many lessons, but brought me so many blessings.

I'm blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy kids.

I'm blessed to have an entire village to help me.

I'm blessed to be able to be their mom.

I'll never sugar coat anything, year 25 was hard. Probably the hardest year of my life. I fought so many battles silently. But in all, I made it through. I continue to prove to myself that there's nothing I can't do. I continue to be the role model that my kids need. I continue to get things done regardless of the situation. As a mom, you have no choice but to "figure it out", and I've proven that I will do just that.

In year 26, I hope to help and inspire moms to push themselves to their fullest potential. I believe in you, you can do this.

I'm overjoyed to bring in year 26 with my perfect 2.

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